About Us

The Benefits to You

Oakes and Terry is a multi-service cleaning contractor based in Yorkshire. We provide cleaning services, carpet cleaning and window cleaning services in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Harrogate, as well as, areas across the north of England.

You do not have to worry about whether you have made the right decision employing us as a contractor. We are an established company with over 41 years of operating experience. Our staff are trusted and valued by blue chip organisations and SMEs alike.
We put your needs at the centre of our service which means that you get a......

  • Level of service that matches your requirements
  • A quality service from a customer oriented business that cares about your reputation and making you look good to your customers
  • The direct involvement of the owners results in a very reliable and responsive business
  • We use and supply green cleaning products which will meet your promises to your stakeholders and that fit with your business strategy
  • You select which services you require and these are then delivered in an integrated package. A single invoice or seperate invoices as required to integrate with your management systems
  • You get more management time because we try to impact your business in a positive way only
  • An ever improving service offering achieved by using regular monitoring to support Continuous Improvement and effective communication at all levels
  • We minimise your exposure to the risks associated with employing a contractor by undertaking regular Third Party assessments of our approach and commitment to H&S

Customer Oriented

As a customer centric business we pride ourselves in our approach to customer care. You will deal directly with the owners of the business who are empowered to address any issue arising and care about the quality of the service delivery. This direct line of communication allows you to get a very responsive service to your needs. We are also proactive in delivering the service that we offer. If we do not think something is right we will do something about it. We believe the route to our success is through effective communication between ourselves, the customer, and our staff. It is our policy to always respond immediately to any issues that a customer may have. Our customer care programme aims to provide a personalised service that is as good after a year as it is after the first week. As a long standing commercial cleaning contractor we are sure you will find our service to be reliable and of the highest order.

Delivering Quality

In order to provide a high quality service we will agree a delivery schedule and specification with you for each site. The specification takes into account local requirements and incorporates tasks that may be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We can provide an integrated service specification which includes combining any number of our service offerings.

The delivery specification is not only used to provide a work schedule for our cleaners but also as a monitoring tool to ensure our quality standards are maintained. It is also used as a training aid if we are starting either a new site, or new member of staff.

We monitor our quality performance on a regular basis. As part of our ongoing management service and commitment to Continuous Improvement, we undertake regular checks to make sure our cleaners retain the highest standards. We do not employ area supervisors or managers to undertake this task as we believe it is too important. We need to be confident our cleaners deliver on our promises. Following the induction of a new cleaner or when starting a new site we will initially undertake weekly cleaning inspections, and then progress to fortnightly and monthly inspections, assuming the service is to your satisfaction.

Effective Communication

To support the communication between customer and staff we provide an on-site liaison book to allow comments and requests to be made. Not only will staff regularly check the liaison book for comments but we as directors of the business build this into our regular monitoring schedule. We also liaise directly with customer staff responsible for the cleaning operations to ensure that delivery is satisfactory. We try not to be overly intrusive when contacting customers to make sure that all is well.